2021 Club presentations

Congratulations to all BKC members for a successful 2021 season.


Kai Tennat (not present)


Archer Campbell-Brown, Danielle Thompson (accepted by mum)

Not present – Chase Stocks, Charlie Swansbury

Junior Heavy

1st place – Liam Johnson 619 pts

2nd place – Joshua Thompson 369 pts (accepted by mum)

3rd place – Elissa Morton 270 pts

KT Light 

1st place Elissa Morton 234 pts

2nd place Vicki Jones 129 pts

KT Medium

1st place Kasey Williams 292 pts

2nd place Rhys Cumming 230 pts (not present)

3rd place Boston Camarri 219 pts (not present)

125 Light

1st place Danny Withers 309 pts

2nd place Paul Withers 242 pts

3rd place Vicki Jones 220 pts

125 Heavy

1st place Don Jones 649 pts

2nd place Glen Chinnery 646 pts

3rd place David Riggs 361 pts

100 Open

1st place Hayley Morton 342 pts

200 Open 

1st place John Thompson 268 pts (accepted by Kylie)


1st place Corey Gower 486 pts

2nd Glen Chinnery 393 pts

3rd David Riggs 246 pts

Highest Points Scorer 

Don Jones 649 pts

Junior Club Person

Kasey Williams

Senior Club Persons

Scott Campbell and Sharon Boyle

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